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What To Say To A Girl To Get Her To Date You: 4 Tips To Help Tilt The Odds In Your Favor

Man Asking A Woman Out On A Date

We’ve all been there. That moment when you’ve initiated contact with a beautiful girl, but you still haven’t summoned up the nerve to ask her out yet. At this point, you’re well aware that saying the wrong thing can eliminate you from contention, but then again, not doing anything will close down the window of opportunity for good.

So it’s a good idea to do whatever you can to increase the chance that she’ll agree to a date. Unfortunately, most women are bombarded by offers from all sides, both online and offline, so it’s understandable if she’s a little stand-offish to begin with.

If you’re wondering what to say to a girl to get her to date you, it’s best to focus on harnessing a genuine connection with the woman you’re interested in. Here are some tried-and-true methods that will help tilt the odds in your favor:

1. Don’t make it a big deal.

While the process of asking a beautiful girl out may indeed be nerve-wracking, that doesn’t mean it’s life-and-death like many men make it out to be. Just make sure you get your message across and be done with it.

Act decisive and be upfront, but don’t get carried away with sounding too aggressive. And, whatever you do, steer clear of over-analysis paralysis. This means you don’t have to plan things too much. If she fancies you even a little bit, chances are she’ll either accept or, at the very least, keep you in mind for a later date.

2. Make sure you ask her out when your conversation is at an all-time high.

The interaction between a man and a woman has its own ebb and flow. It’s just human nature, and it’s in your best interest to identify these cycles and try to insert your dating proposal during one of the high points.

You can tell you’re at a high point when her reactions toward you are at their warmest. People often make decisions based on instinct, so it helps to ask them for something when they feel the most comfortable.

Don’t wait until the conversation grows stale and boring to ask her out. Great times to ask her out are right after sharing a common interest or after you share a good laugh over a story you tell.

3. Have something in mind for your date but run it by her, too.

Whether it’s going to your favorite ice-cream shop or getting tickets to the latest Spider-Man movie, it’s always smart to have a plan. But if you want to surprise her, you may end up finding out that she’s allergic to milk and has seen that Spider-Man movie twice already.

So, if it’s a successful first date you’re after, be sure to check with her first to see if she, too, would enjoy the plans you’ve come up with.

Here’s a really good tip regarding what to say to a girl to get her to date you: invite her to come with you rather than directly asking her out on a date. So don’t say, “Do you want to go on a movie date Friday night?” Instead, say, “I’m going to check out the new Spiderman movie on Friday night. You should come along.”

4. Whatever her answer, always keep your cool.

If it’s a go, then refrain from showering her with heart emojis right off the bat. Likewise, if it’s a no, respect her answer but remember that a “no” may very well turn into a “yes” down the line.

There are a million reasons she might say no, and it doesn’t necessarily mean she thinks you’re a creep. She probably really is busy, so just control your initial reaction and continue to joke around with her. Respectful persistence can be a very attractive trait in a man.

So now you know what to do when it comes to asking a beautiful girl out on a date. The key is to always keep your interaction short and sweet and never pretend to be someone you’re not. Do that and your gravitational pull around women will improve immeasurably.


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Is Emotional Intelligence The Best Way To Get A Girl Out Of Your League?

hot girl out of your league

The concept of a “league” which divides everyone in the dating world is not entirely a fable. It is hard to deny that attractive people tend to attract one another and hook up – and, at times, people stay within their existing social classes (be they religious, economic, or otherwise) for romantic pursuits. Studies have shown that this is indeed a real effect, with partners with the highest social desirability often pairing up, although findings have also demonstrated that the situation is not nearly so black and white as the concept of “leagues” might lead us to believe.

The reason someone has for considering a potential partner out of their league is more than likely only one of a huge number of factors weighing on the chance of a successful romance. But the most limiting factor one can have is their own psychological constructs. If you believe that someone is out of your league and that dating them is truly impossible, it may be the case purely by ones own unwillingness to act due to preconceived notions of failure.

It’s All In Your Head

So the first step to get a girl out of your league is to abandon the concept of leagues altogether.  Put your mind in gear with the knowledge that you are in a class of your own, and don’t need to worry about this old school notion of leagues.  If you need help getting girls, read this post.

In a study of traits which romantic partners seek in each other in both long and short-term relationships, researchers demonstrated that so-called “internal qualities” such as intelligence and personality were more influential than “external qualities” like physical attractiveness and monetary wealth. The study also noted that men place a greater value on sexual desirability than women, who placed a greater value on social status than men did.

Quite likely, the most important factor in a relationship is the personalities of the people in it. If there is something between them which allows them to communicate effectively and enjoy each others company, this connecting factor has the potential to overcome any standardized notions of physical attractiveness or social class.

Bringing Emotional Intelligence To The Table

In a study conducted on 103 college students, researchers demonstrated that those who scored higher on tests for emotional intelligence reported higher levels of satisfaction with their interpersonal relationships compared to those who did not score as well.  Emotional intelligence is an important factor in relationships: one which can often lend itself to a much more attractive personality.

Begin your education in emotion today by abandoning the notion of dating leagues and broadening your horizons of possible romantic partners. The best way to get a girl out of your league is to be suave, be charming, relax and be genuine, and when you find yourself at home in the company of a potential romantic partner, have no fear in trying to take it to the next level, no matter how often your buddies tell you shes out of your league.

And The Best Way To Keep A Woman Interested Is…

man and woman having fun

For the man that lacks a strong personal identity and the self-confidence that comes with it, there is no pleasure in courtship, romance or seduction. Every interaction with the opposite sex is a chore.

Meeting women is a chore. Dating women is a chore.  Getting women to have sex is a chore.

This type of man isn’t looking for someone to ‘share his life with’. Instead, he’s looking for someone that is as content to ‘settle’ for any relationship as he is. He’s looking for a woman to provide external validation of his non-existent self-worth.

Once this type of man meets a woman, however, he moves on to the biggest ordeal of all–keeping her sufficiently interested in him to continue the relationship. So once again he turns to the same online ‘dating gurus’ that he sought out when he was trying to meet a woman.  Surely they’ll have a ‘technique’ or a ‘program’ that can teach him how to be interesting to women.

And it’s not just a ‘male problem’–women seek out advice and ‘techniques’ from their own gurus for the same reasons.

Being Interesting Is Not A ‘Technique’ Or ‘Method’

There is no big secret about how to keep a relationship partner ‘interested’. In fact, it’s a very simple process–you have to be interesting, and you have to be interested in others.

Like many things regarding relationships with women, the answers are found by looking inward. Sadly, there are plenty of men who think there’s a shortcut, and once they find the right ‘guru’ to share his technique or ‘method’, they’ll be downright magnetic toward women.

And there are plenty of gurus with plenty of tips on how to act and otherwise comport yourself in ways that women find interesting. The problem is that just mimicking the characteristics that ‘interesting people’ exhibit doesn’t do any good. It’s like thinking that you can become a doctor by dressing and talking like one. It’s all just an ‘act’ and at some point the subterfuge will be exposed.

Needy Men Are Not Interesting Men

For men, the root of their problems with women is a poorly developed sense of self and the lack of confidence that it causes. They can’t believe that a woman could find them attractive, let alone want to be in a relationship with them.

As a result, they generalize that the only reason that any man can attract a woman is by knowing the right ‘process’ in the same way that the right combination opens a safe.  Alternately, they think that superficial improvements–a nice car or a muscular body–is the only thing coming between them and a bevy of beauties.

If this manner of thinking sounds demeaning toward women you’re right–it is. It suggests that women are incapable of the self-awareness to know what they find attractive in a man. Instead, a suitor just has to ‘push the right buttons’ and a woman will fawn all over him.

It’s just as demeaning to the men who feel this way. They don’t believe they have any value as a person, so the only way they can hope to enjoy female companionship is through a needy search for the right ‘method’. The external search for a ‘technique’ to keep a woman interested is especially futile  After all, needy men are not interesting men.

To Keep A Woman’s Interest, Be Interesting

That brings us back to reality. The only way to keep a woman’s interest is to be interesting.

It’s the same dynamic as attracting a female by having the qualities that women find attractive. These are the same qualities that will make you a confident man of passion, integrity, and success. And there’s no shortcut to their achievement–it starts from within. For more on developing these qualities, read “Girlfriend Activation System Review – Breakdown Her Obsession Story And Get The Girl“.

You have to prioritize yourself and value yourself. Most importantly, you have to have a strong sense of personal integrity and live in a way that is congruent with who you are.

Men with a fully developed sense of self have no issues with being ‘needy’ or lacking confidence around women. They are well aware of their value as an individual, and this genuine self-esteem radiates in every situation.  Most importantly, their self-worth isn’t derived from women, nor will they compromise their own integrity or the integrity of others in hopes of gaining favor with one.

This type of man has no problem attracting women, and since these qualities are genuine, he remains captivating and interesting in a woman’s eyes. A strong sense of your own identity is not just the best way to keep a woman’s interest; it’s ultimately the only way.


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How Do I Get A Girl Away From Her Friends So I Can Ask Her Out?


One question that troubles many guys is, “How do I get a girl away from her friends so I can ask her out?” Getting a girl of your choice away from her friends has been a challenge for many individuals from time immemorial. Women value their social groups very much, this is why it is usually very hard to isolate them.

However, don’t be worried as there are ways that you can make use off, to get her away from her friends. The way a girl behaves in front of her friends can be very different from the way she behaves alone. This may be caused by the fact that, she doesn’t want to be seen by her friends as a loose person.

Today I’d like to talk about two different methods you can use to get one-on-one time with a girl so you can ask her out: the isolation technique, and using a wing man.

1. Isolation technique

Please ensure that before using this particular technique, you have some strong points supporting your course. Do not just pick on any particular girl, pick on the one whom is interested in you and you in her. You can know this by paying attention to these things; does she smile at you a lot? Does she look you a lot? Etc.

Begin your isolation quest by being biased towards her. You can do this by asking questions to her alone. Within no time her friends will notice that you two are engaged in a private conversation. Tell her that you want to show her something and before she answers, ask her friends to let you “steal” her away from them for a few minutes.

Once her friends notice that you two seem to be interested in each other, they will be obliged to let you take her away from them. Now that you have succeeded in getting her away, don’t blow your chance. Build a rapport with her, get her number and request for a date. Thereafter, take her back to her friends as promised.

2. Have a wingman

This is a simpler technique, but not as productive as the isolation technique. Take a friend with you to the date or the party etc. where your girl is. Let him be the one leading the conversation.

Choose the wingman carefully, ensure that he is funny and outgoing. Girls like people who are talkative and funny. This distraction created by him, will give you a chance to sneak out with the girl of your dreams for a few minutes; this will give you an opportunity to request for her contacts and a date as well.

The rules remain the same with those in isolation technique, please pick on the girl who shows interest in you and not any other girl.

Can You Be Ugly And Get A Hot Girlfriend?


There is this common misconception that extremely attractive women go for good looking men only. This is far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t so keen about looks when it comes to choosing who they date. You can be short, bald, dark, potbellied, thin or fit any other description of ”ugly” in societal standards buy still get a hot girlfriend.

This can be attributed to a number of factors discussed below.

1. Hot women are instinctively attracted to confident men

Since hot women are highly regarded in society, they get flooded with attention which makes them appear unapproachable from the eyes of any man who doesn’t consider themselves attractive. This is precisely why hot women reward men who are confident enough to approach them. It doesn’t matter how you look.

If you are confident enough to approach an extremely attractive woman, she will appreciate it and give you a chance (if she is available). It’s highly unlikely she will be rude and dismiss you if you approach her confidently with respect. You therefore stand a high chance of making her your girlfriend if you portray confidence from the first moment you meet her.

2. Power and security has nothing to do with looks

Have you ever asked yourself why women seem to be attracted to rich men yet most rich men aren’t the most attractive? Although most people label hot women as gold diggers, hot women and women in general don’t really go for money in its actual sense but the power and security that comes with money.

This explains why hot women will go for the ”ugly” rich fat guy as opposed to the broke guy with a perfect body. It is therefore a question of power and security as opposed to looks when dating hot women.  If you have money, your looks will matter less. If you’re broke, you need to be extremely good looking and ambitious.

3. Being ”The Man” is the key

You can be ugly and get a hot girlfriend if you transform yourself to being ”The Man”. Being ”The Man” takes more than being rich and confident. If you want to finally get the girl you’ve always wanted, you have to represent everything that women naturally look for in a man.

For instance, you must never accept any misbehaviour from women. It is important to note that hot women tend to be more spoilt because they are usually flooded with attention. Hot women therefore tend to have unreasonable demands/requests which shouldn’t be fulfilled by any sane man regardless of their looks.

“The Man” never allows himself to be used by hot women. Please note that women despise men they can misuse. ”The Man” also doesn’t go out of his way to impress women he barely knows. He is himself at all times!

3 Tips To Help You Attract Any Woman You Want


Most men remain confused about how they can ask a particular woman to go on a date.  It’s a problem experienced by hundreds of men everywhere. Attracting a woman is not just about being handsome, but a lot more.

Here are 3 good ways to make yourself irresistible to women and attract any woman you want.  For more, see this gfas review.

Always Be Prepared and Do Your Homework

In order to make a girl interested in you, it is very important to find out everything you can about her. This information will help you know what a girl likes and how you can get to her. It will also let you know if she’s already been taken or whether she likes you or not. However, it is important not to make the girl feel like you’re a stalker. Thus, you need to ask around casually to make sure you’re not committing a mistake.

Look and Be Your Best

It is important to understand that every woman likes to be with a good looking man. Good looks can be easily achieved without unnatural supplements, beauty products or surgeries.  There’s a particular trait in every man which appeals to the opposite gender. You just need to develop this trait to make sure a girl is interested.

In addition to this, you need to be nice. Although this is common advice, it works everytime. You also need to feel confident. With a high self esteem, you will be able to attract a lot more girls and make them interested in you. Confidence and self esteem are two qualities women always find irresistible in men.

Don’t Go Overboard

Nobody likes a stalker or someone who goes overboard. The key to getting a woman attracted toward you is moderation. If you’re trying too hard to please the girl, she may consider you to be desperate and needy. You may even be taken for granted.

This part of your nature will attract the kind of girls nobody wants. They may be manipulative and try to take advantage of you. You should make sure you keep everything simple. In time, a good opportunity will present itself.

These were some of the most effective tips to be irresistible to women. You need to understand that most women want to keep it simple and straightforward. They want a man who’s charming, understanding, beautiful and easy going. In order to make sure you’re irresistible, you also need to consider how women think about relationships, and what keeps them interested.

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